36m concrete pumping

Reaches up to 118 Feet

Safety Precautions to Take When Using a 36M Concrete Pump

When operating a 36M Concrete Pump, one has to follow certain precautions in order to be safe on the job site. Such a concrete pump can be rented for DIY concrete jobs, but operating such heavy machinery without experience can be a safety hazard. It is important for anyone who will be operating this type of concrete pump to follow specific directions for safety. Below are precautions that should be adhered to.

Planning Ahead

When you are placing concrete with a 36M Concrete Pump, there are several factors to consider. First, you will need to make sure that you are able to use the pump in a location that is free of debris and the area is level. There will also need to be clear space for a ready mix truck to move in and discharge when needed.36m Concrete Pump

The conditions of the soil need to be considered as well as the ground where the pump will be set. If excavations took place, the area should have been backfilled and compacted. Use a trench plate to cover any area that may seem questionable.

The locations of power lines should also be considered. If a 36M Concrete Pump extension will be coming within 20-feet of the power line, then a spotter needs to designated. The spotter will be there to warn the operator when the boom is within the danger zone of the power line. If power line contact were to take place, the operator would be in danger, as well as anyone else who may be in contact with the pump.

American Concrete Pavement Association Guidelines

The guidelines of the American Concrete Pavement Association specifically state that 36M Concrete Pump machines should not be placed less than one foot from a cut for each foot of the vertical excavation. Additional distance can be needed if the condition of the soil is loose or muddy.

Crew Safety

When working with a group of people and a concrete boom pump, crew safety is important. There should always be someone assisting the operator to ensure the pump truck is being safe during operation, as well as movement such as backing up. Hose whipping can be a danger when air is able to get inside the placing lines. The crew has to know that they need to stand back when placing a hose to ensure that no whipping will take place.

Ensure Proper Training

Whenever you are working on a crew with a concrete pump, be sure that everyone has been properly trained with operation as well as safety. With proper training, every individual who is involved with the work site will be safe. ACPA certification is key to the pump operator having the knowledge needed to operate the heavy machinery.

Because concrete pumping is an efficient way to place concrete on the job site, the machine is used often. Be sure you are aware of safety procedures and proper operating techniques for a job well done in a safe environment.

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