52z m concrete pump

Reaches up to 172 Feet

Pouring a Concrete Pathway with a 52M Concrete Pump

A concrete pathway is a great way to add an accent to the home, connecting certain areas of your landscaping. Concrete pathways can be added to the backyard or the front yard to create a walking area, allowing easy walking from the home to the garage or driveway. Concrete pathways are smooth and look great, adding value to your home. Many homeowners choose to do a DIY concrete pathway for the home, which can be easy to do if you have the right skills. Below is a simple guide on how to create such a pathway, using a 52M Concrete Pump to easily get the job done quickly.

Choosing the Area for the Pathway

To get started, you will need to choose the area for the pathway. You will need to mark off the area and then create a frame where the concrete will be placed. Start by marking off the area with spray paint and checking to see if the ground is level. You will do best to lay the concrete over a dirt area, so removing any grass may be needed. Once the area is clean, you can lay the frame. Take 2×4 sections of wood and create square frames to set up the concrete. Once this is done you will be ready to begin.

52M Concrete Pump

Gather Materials

For the actual concrete portion of the project, you will need to purchase concrete. Many homeowners will fill the bottom of the walkway with gravel and then place concrete on top. While concrete can be mixed by hand, a project, especially a large one, will be easier to do when you have a piece of machinery such as a 52M concrete pump. This pump will mix and pour the concrete. A robotic arm is then used to place the concrete where you need it to be. By using such a machine, you will be able to set the concrete quickly and move on to each section with ease.

If you were doing the project by hand, it would take longer for the concrete to be placed in each section. You would have to use a shovel to place the concrete where you need it to be, which would be much more labor intensive. Avoid working too hard and being sore the next day by using a 52M Concrete Pump.

Finishing the Pathway

Once the concrete has been poured, a 2×4 will need to be used to smooth the surface. Lay the 2×4 gently at the end of the concrete path on top and have a helper assist you in slowly dragging the board across the path. This will smooth the area and finish off the pathway with a clean look.

Get to know the steps of creating a concrete pathway to see if you think this is a DIY project you can handle. The difficulty level is not too hard, as long as you know the materials and steps needed.

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