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Concrete Pumping? No Big Deal!

The setting: Dallas, Texas. The story: A suburban driveway is being redone. The conflict: Difficulties in getting concrete threaten to end the project in its tracks. The solution? Simple. Call Anani Concrete Pumping. Anani Concrete Pumping offers many different sizes of concrete trucks, so any project is covered. With two years of service to the Dallas area already under their belt, they have made the next step in accessibility and are excited to announce the launch of their new website:!

Anani Pumping LLC provides concrete pumping and truck services to Dallas and its surrounding districts, for many different project areas, such as driveways and other construction projects. A variety of different sized trucks are available for rent, and highly trained, friendly, experienced drivers are ready to help.

Oftentimes, a project can be held back by concrete. Hand mixing concrete is tedious and it is easy to make a mistake, which requires time and resources spent on fixing mistakes, when the time and resources would probably be better spent doing other things. With concrete pumps, there is less chance of a mixing error occurring, and time and resources can go towards what really counts.

The pump truck sizes available for use range from 32 meters (reaching up to one hundred twelve feet) to fifty-two meters (reaching up to one hundred seventy-two feet). Each of the six different sizes (Thirty-two meter, thirty-six meter, thirty-eight meter, thirty-nine meter, forty-two meter, and fifty-two meter) are available, and each is well-suited for the requirements that a concrete project requires. Each truck is sturdy and reliable.

Above all, safety is the number one concern, and it is taken very seriously. The professional drivers at Anani Pumping LLC are all certified by the American Concrete Pavement Association to drive and pump the pump trucks, adding yet another layer of qualification to their already-impressive experience levels, and adding yet another layer of safety to any project requiring the help of concrete.

The new Anani Pumping LLC website (live now!) has many features to make pumping concrete with Anani more accessible than ever. On their website can be found information about the different truck/pump sizes, including how to use the pumps in cold weather, accuracy tips, project information, and helpful safety tips; contact information for Anani Pumping; a history of Anani Pumping, and the areas of service provided.

Anani Pumping LLC serves many, many parts of the Dallas area, including: Dallas, Frisco, Irving, Grapevine, Addison, Waxahachie, Farmer Branch, Lewisville, Little Elm, Five Points, Bedford, Balch Spring, and many, many more.

About Anani Pumping LLC

Early in 2014, Anani Pumping LLC began their journey of bringing concrete to all those who needed it, with a small fleet of only one pump. Now, things have grown from there, and Anani now boasts a proud fleet of seven pump trucks, with plans to add an additional ten within the next few months! The Anani Pumping LLC company employees have over thirty years of experience in the industry of pumping concrete professionally, and are ready, willing, and able to help with any project, no matter the size.

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