Is Concrete the Right Choice for your Next Project?

Why is Concrete a Better Choice?cement wall used in construction

Use concrete because it is the world’s most popular and common construction material. Tried, tested, and true, so in the case of a zombie apocalypse, this is your best option. In simple terms, concrete is composed of aggregates and a paste. The paste is used in the manufacture of concrete pipes, which is used to coat both the coarse and fine surface of the aggregate. The paste’s quality determines the character of concrete. The strength, on the other hand, depends on the ratio of cement to water. There are many more elements and details that go into the manufacturing of concrete for it to be identified as the most suitable choice for construction. Here are are few reasins you will have to use concrete for your next project.


The term durability is described as the ability to exist for a long time without any degree of disintegration. That is why when you use concrete, you are building to last. The beauty of concrete is that it gains strength as time passes by. This is a testament to the 100-year service life of concrete which conserves the need for using additional resources to reconstruct a facility unless severe damage from external forces is applied on the building. Concrete is a durable material that resists erosion and withstands any weather and natural disasters. Concrete needs very little maintenance and few repairs, which makes it a solid investment for anyone looking to build a commercial or residential property for the long term.


Operational energy requirements represent 85% of the total energy used by a building over its lifetime of service. Concrete provides a cost-effective and efficient means of building energy efficient structures. A concrete building that is sustainable can easily yield a life cycle savings that is more than 20% of the total cost of construction. A lot of the savings are from the thermal mass of the concrete, which can be gained from natural energy sources, and in thermal energy equipment and lighting installations in a building.


Builders and owners who are looking for durable materials for construction in Texas need to use top-quality concrete in Denton TX, because most builders tend to look for building materials that leave a very small percentage of environmental footprint. Since concrete is produced from locally available materials, its lifespan makes it the best choice for a sustainable future. In the life cycle of concrete, recycling is a constant component of the material. Most industrial and waste byproducts that would wash up to the landfills are used to create concrete mixes in cement kiln to provide the characteristics of the end product. Concrete that is used is recycled to serve as a granular material, or in roadbeds as granular material to new concrete.

Provides safety

Concrete is secure, safe and healthy for the occupants of any building. Since it’s an inert construction material, it does not burn, it does not form mildew, and it does not rot. Additionally, it does not produce any volatile compounds that can cause harm to occupants of the building; it provides a good quality of air indoors. The superior quality does not allow the entry of air-borne pollutants. Concrete’s structural integrity provides an added layer of protection against extreme weather as well as earthquakes, thanks to the strong foundation and the thermal mass benefits that concrete provides. Concrete protects against outdoor swings in temperature, which means that it provides a draft-free interior environment and temperature that is consistent the whole year round. Give the contractors at Anani Pumping LLC a call today to get a bid on your next project.

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