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Anani Pumping LLC, Concrete Pumping in Fort Worth: The Best Concrete Pumping in Fort Worth, Texas

For the best concrete pumping in Fort Worth, Texas, turn to the professionals at Anani Pumping LLC. Our superior workmanship, attention to detail coupled with the finest materials available and the highest tech equipment ensure your concrete pumping project goes smoothly; from start to finish! The 39M Concrete Pump Concrete Pumping TrucksAt Anani Pumping LLC we use only the latest, state of the art equipment in the industry. Such as the 39M concrete pump. The 39M Concrete Pump is a concrete boom truck which equates to quick setup and high uptime. This particular piece of equipment holds its value over a very long period of time which makes it a strong investment for any concrete contractor like Anani Pumping LLC, who offers the best concrete pumping in Fort Worth, Texas. The 39M is also readily available for rental from numerous sources. It is highly recommended you receive some training on this particular machine prior to usage. The 36M Concrete Pump As with any type of equipment, there are several safety rules surrounding the use of this particular piece of equipment. Although the 36M concrete pump is readily available as a rental, it is highly recommended anyone who plans on operating it receive adequate training prior to doing so. Operating this equipment without complete knowledge of it and the safety procedures surrounding its operation could present a serious safety hazard. A few of the safety pointers you will want to be completely up to speed on include making sure the equipment is on firm, level ground prior to set up, make sure you have adequate space for the cement mixers to align with the 36M, and most of all, pay attention to the overhead power lines. You will need to know where these are located at all times during set up and operation. Guidelines set forth by the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) state that the truck should not be placed with less than one foot of ground separating it from a cut for each foot of vertical excavation. Additional distance may be required if the ground is loose, gravelly, or muddy. The 42M Concrete Pump A very commonly used concrete pumping truck the 42M concrete pump is one of our most popular pieces, among not only our personnel but the contractors we work for as well. This is due to its high volume capabilities coupled with extreme maneuverability, allowing it to get into tight places not accessible by bigger, bulkier rigs. Since this pump works extremely well in cold weather (with very little extra care) one of the problems an operator of this rig may encounter frequently is frozen concrete. Wet concrete has an extremely high water content and therefore is highly susceptible to freezing; concrete will not cure when it’s frozen. If the concrete does freeze inside the rig, the rig will need to be moved inside and the contained concrete allowed to thaw. Then the rig must be completely cleaned out of all the concrete and fresh concrete added so the concrete pumping process can begin again. Contact the concrete pumping professionals at Anani Pumping LLC today at 972-869-1880 to discuss your next concrete improvement.

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