Custom-Made Ready Mix Concrete

4 Benefits of Using Ready Mix Concrete

Concrete MixerReady mix concrete (RMC) is concrete that has been mixed together off site at a central plant so that it can be delivered to a construction site of a client. Each individual batch of RMC is freshly mixed and delivered to a client in an unhardened condition. It can be custom-made for each client so that it fits the requirements for any type of job. Utilizing RMC is a convenient way for construction companies to save time, cut down on their expenses, lower maintenance costs, help out the environment and create a quality project.
  • Cuts Expenses and Saves Time Utilizing ready mix concrete cuts expenses for construction companies or businesses that require concrete for a building project. Mixing concrete on-site requires more workers and manual labor. Each batch of concrete must be mixed in a specified manner so that it hardens in a safe, uniform manner. This requires specialized equipment to mix the concrete and also slows down the process of pouring and shaping the project. It can get costly to hire extra labor to mix and maintain each batch of concrete. Using this ready-made product also saves time during construction. Batches are delivered at scheduled times to ensure that a project keeps pace with the hardening and shaping process.
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs Concrete can stand the test of time and and a continuous amount of wear and tear. Minimal maintenance is required when ready mix concrete is used in the building process. Other building materials are often susceptible to humidity and moisture and can break down quicker than concrete. Termites, rust, rot or mold is no match for a structure or building that has been constructed with concrete.
  • Environmentally Friendly RMC is environmentally friendly in many different ways. The ingredients that go into making up concrete are simply water, cement and aggregate. These materials are plentiful, which is more environmentally friendly since the extraction of these ingredients has less of an impact on the health and welfare of the environment. The main source of ingredients in concrete comes from quarries. These extraction sites can quickly be reclaimed and used for other applications in the commercial, recreational or residential world. Also, they can be refurbished so that they are put back close to their natural condition. This can be done in an expedient manner, where other resources used for building may take years to be replenished.
  • High Quality is always an issue when construction is being implemented. A project must meet certain standards so that it is safe for both the environment and individuals. Since concrete is often the foundation for most building projects, its integrity and stability must always be checked. By utilizing RMC, it helps a business monitor these standards. Each mix of RMC is created with this integrity in mind. Quality control is easier to implement at a central plant as it is specifically set up to just mix concrete. Many different operations may be occurring at a construction site and a special place must be be set up to mix concrete. Utilizing RMC avoids this problem and ensures that high-quality concrete is used in a project.

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