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Best Concrete Pouring Service in Dallas Area

Concrete is a product that is extensively used for residential, business and public entity uses. When poured correctly, it can provide a solid walk, foundation or other project with a solid and long lasting surface.

Concrete Pumping Company in Dallas, TX

We, at Anani Pumping LLC, are proud to offer the best concrete pouring service in the area. Pumping refers to properly placing wet concrete into previously prepared forms. To be done correctly, this requires the expert work of experienced personnel. Starting out in 2014 with 1 pump, we have expanded to our current 7 pumps with more planned. This enables us to work on ground level projects or on high projects that require a special pump.Dallas TX Concrete Pumping Company

Our pumps are categorized as follows:

  • 32M
  • 36M
  • 38Z
  • 39M
  • 42M
  • 52Z
Boom trucks are self-contained and consist of a truck, frame and pump. They come with a boom which can unfold to specific lengths. This makes it possible to reach hard to get places both on the ground and on building constructions. Each pump is designed to serve a specific service from laying a sidewalk to working on a high-rise. Truck booms are in specific sections and can reach from 16 feet to more than 200 feet. That allows us, at Anani Pumping LLC, to fill any requests for concrete placement. Our boom trucks offer better efficiency and speed in laying down concrete. This saves money by both improving the construction speed as well as offering lower costs.

Concrete Placed by a Boom Truck

  • Is high-quality
  • Free of lumps
  • Is easy to smooth out
  • Less water makes it stronger
  • Requires fewer repairs
  • Less maintenance costs
  • Improves construction speed
For those who like DIY projects, it is possible to rent one of these boom pumps. However, this can be dangerous so it is important that you are able to handle this kind of vehicle. At the Anani Pumping LLC Company, we will be glad to discuss prices and requirements if you are thinking about trying a rental. We are proud of the quality of cement we deliver as well as our highly efficient drivers who have the licenses and extensive experience to do a good job. This means the concrete they pour, from a boom truck, will increase the quality of the work as well as allowing for faster delivery. Pouring concrete is an important part of any building project. A simple sidewalk, a driveway, a tennis court, a high-rise or other project requires cement that is good quality and can be promptly delivered. We are proud to fulfill these requirements as a Dallas TX Concrete Pumping Company serving the DFW Metroplex area. If you have a cement project you would like to discuss or are considering a rental, give us a call at (972)635-4997 and one of our experts will be happy to discuss your plans and tell you how we can help.

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