Why Hire Only Certified Concrete Pump Operators

Certified Concrete Pump Operators Reflect Safety and Skill With Their Training

Concrete Pump Operators who are Certified When a concrete truck pulls up to a job site, time is of the essence. The concrete must be poured and managed so that it can be cured into a perfect form. A key individual in this process is the pump operator. In fact, an entire project hinges on the operator’s skill at the wheel and during the pumping. So why you should only hire certified concrete pump operator? Your future projects will turn out as designed in the end.

Driving and Pumping Education

Certified operators receive extensive training when it comes to both operating the machine and getting the truck to a location. A concrete supplier truck is huge. It has a wide girth and long body. Every certified operator understands these basic ideas about the rig, including: When you hire a ready mix concrete operator, the truck will be on time with driving safety as their number-one priority. Many operators without certifications do not have the training to truly haul a load with confidence.

In-Depth Knowledge Included

The certification also covers other details about the concrete trade. In-depth information might include:
  • Parts of the vehicle
  • Mixing science
  • Boom maintenance
If there’s ever an issue with the machine, the operator doesn’t have to wait for a technician. He or she can troubleshoot hydraulics, electronics and electrical wiring with ease. For most situations, their troubleshooting experience is enough to get the machine going. Job sites save money with a certified hire.

Ample Insurance

Insurance companies are more likely to extend a thorough policy to companies with certified operators. These operators are more likely to avoid problems, which improves the coverage from any insurance company. The insurance covers any job-site problems that arise in association with the pour. If a problem persists, the insurance pays out to cover the loss. Both operators and site managers appreciate this coverage because it reduces any profit issues at the end of the work.

Minimal Mistakes

Pouring concrete with improper mixes or in the wrong locations lead to project losses. Thousands of dollars can be lost in a short amount of time. When you hire a certified operator, however, the odds of a mistake are greatly reduced. Operators understand schematics and concrete science. If anything appears abnormal about a pour, the operator can troubleshoot it with ease.

Recertification Required

Certified operators don’t receive these accolades for life. They must be recertified on a regular basis. Refresher courses are commonplace, which also adds the latest changes in the industry to the curriculum. Every certified hire gives that project a boost on its overall quality. Every skill remains tested and refined over the years. Work with reliable professionals, such as Anani Pumping LLC, to supply your ready mix concrete needs. No project is too big or small because your concrete needs are customized to each order. As a trusted concrete supplier, Anani is always on call for those special projects.

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