How much does it cost to rent a concrete pump?

Costs for renting a concrete pump

The need for a concrete pump is broken down as follows: either you’re a contractor who rents pumps regularly, or you’re a homeowner who has probably never rented a pumping truck. Either way, pricing for pump trucks can be confusing. There are many variable costs that go into renting a concrete pump. Reason being, so many factors have to be accounted for when needing to complete any one project. For example, how long the project will take, how much concrete is needed, how long the pump needs to be, what the project is, etc. Each of these factors will vary per project; each can also change throughout the project. Thus, concrete rental companies need to protect themselves by ensuring their rentals are not being taken advantage of. The following will provide you a good idea of the breakdown of costs for renting a concrete pump:

Rates Per Hour

Concrete Pump renting costsConcrete pumps are rented by the hour. Generally speaking, hourly rates will range somewhere between $150 and $200. Prices will vary based on region and the amount of competition in the area. Most rental companies will require a minimum rental time. 3-4 hours of required rental payment is usually enforced by the concrete pump renter. For instance, if you rent a pump for 8 hours and the hourly rate is $150, you would be charged $1,200. The pump would be rented out at a 3 or 4 hour minimum.

Rates per cubic meter pumped

In addition, rental companies will charge per cubic meter pumped. Concrete pumps take care of most of the job; therefore, the renter is going to get their money’s worth for carrying out such an essential task for the customer. The rates per cubic meter will range all the way from $2 to $10. An estimate will need to be conducted prior to confirming the rental. The estimator will need to assess which pump is needed for the particular job. He/she will need to measure the amount of concrete for the job and the likely time period for the job, among other things. They’re there to make sure you rent the pump that you need, but, also to ensure all details and calculations are in line before renting.

Additional Charges

If you go over the allotted rental time, the rental company will often charge a rate for each hour of additional use. This amount will vary by company. Also, charges for a pump operator and a pump set up. Many companies will send along an operator with the pump without any charge. However, some companies will not. The cost of an operator is generally miniscule in proportion to the amount you have already agreed to pay for using a pump. It is important to realize that if you are even borderline inexperienced, it is best for you to hire a pump operator. Concrete pumping trucks are big and unique to their functionality. You would not want to risk the execution of the job by operating a truck in which you are not familiar.

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